• Wrist Brace Universal (SUPROhand)

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    Low profile wrist brace with increased stabilisation and limitation of movement. Universal wrist brace, no need to buy right or left side.

    SUPROhand Advantages at a Glance

    • Partial immobilisation of the wrist
    • Can be adjusted quick and easy depending on the degree of swelling
    • Circular stabilisation bandage allows for optimal adjustment
    • Skin-friendly material for better hygiene and comfort
    • Universal – left or right
    • Adjustable volar and dorsal reinforcement splint for the inner side of the hand enable optimally adjustment to the anatomy of the hand

    SUPROhand Indications

    Discuss with your doctor, physiotherapist or hand therapist if this is the right brace for your based on the following indications:

    • Radius fractures following osteosynthesis
    • Arthrosis of the wrist (with no indication for surgery)
    • After severe sprains Tendovaginitis with or without symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome
    • Stress arthropathies

    Easy to choose your size with just one measurement, please check the sizing chart.

    $69.00 incl GST
  • Tennis Elbow Strap

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    Helps relieve the pain caused by repetitive strain of the forearm, tennis or golf elbow.

    This strap prevents the forearm muscles from expanding to their maximum during contraction, thus relieving the tension on the tendon. A nylon support with slight elastic properties that fits immediately distal to the elbow joint. Tension is adjustable by a velcro strap.

    $26.45 incl GST