• oapl Square Toe Post Op Shoe

    0 out of 5

    Designed to protect the foot whilst accommodating for bulky dressings and bandages.

    A multipurpose post op shoe designed to provide protection and accommodate bulky dressings or bandages. The square toe acts as a bumper around the toes and easy to adjust Velcro tabs keeps the shoe secure.

    $34.50 incl GST
  • Patella Knee Stabiliser

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    Don’t let knee pain stop you from continuing with your daily activities. This brace is suitable for knee injury and pain treatment.

    How does it work? The Patella Knee Stabiliser exerts a medially directed force to the lateral border of the patella, as well as pressure on the patella tendon throughout the normal range of knee flexion. Constructed of a low-profile neoprene wrap with firm buttress and counterforce D-Ring/Touch tape.

    The low-profile and lightweight open patella design has been manufactured with your comfort mind.  Choose your appropriate size from the table and watch the video for application instructions.


    $34.50 incl GST
  • EVENup (leg length adjusting)

    0 out of 5

    Compensates for leg length changes caused by wearing a walker boot or below knee cast.

    Evenup compensates for leg length changes while wearing an ankle walker or post op shoe. The Evenup solves the problem of back, hip, or knee stress by levelling the opposite shoe so that you will walk on an even platform, reducing body strain. Evenup has a removable lining to provide either 1.3cm or a 2.6cm shoe raise.

    $36.80 incl GST
  • Wrist Brace Universal (SUPROhand)

    0 out of 5

    Low profile wrist brace with increased stabilisation and limitation of movement. Universal wrist brace, no need to buy right or left side.

    SUPROhand Advantages at a Glance

    • Partial immobilisation of the wrist
    • Can be adjusted quick and easy depending on the degree of swelling
    • Circular stabilisation bandage allows for optimal adjustment
    • Skin-friendly material for better hygiene and comfort
    • Universal – left or right
    • Adjustable volar and dorsal reinforcement splint for the inner side of the hand enable optimally adjustment to the anatomy of the hand

    SUPROhand Indications

    Discuss with your doctor, physiotherapist or hand therapist if this is the right brace for your based on the following indications:

    • Radius fractures following osteosynthesis
    • Arthrosis of the wrist (with no indication for surgery)
    • After severe sprains Tendovaginitis with or without symptoms of Carpal Tunnel syndrome
    • Stress arthropathies

    Easy to choose your size with just one measurement, please check the sizing chart.

    $69.00 incl GST
  • COOL FIT back support

    0 out of 5

    Reduces low back pain and supports the abdomen.

    The COOL FIT brace provides lumbar spine support to help reduce low back pain and support the abdominal region. Features a well ventilated mesh support with elastic segment and includes touch tape adjustment.

    Don’t let your back pain stop your from your daily activities, choose your size from the sizing chart below with one simple measurement.

    $56.35 incl GST
  • Ankle Brace (VACOtalus )

    0 out of 5

    Unique design using VACO12 cushions incorporated in the brace to protect and stabilise the ankle.

    The VACOtalus ankle brace is low profile, easy to apply, super comfortable and does wonders for stabilising the ankle through directional change and immobilising the ankle post injury.

    VACOtalus Advantages at a Glance

    Discus with your doctor or physiotherapists is based on the below indications this is the right brace for you.

    • Optimised combination of effective stabilisation and superb wearing comfort
    • Tangible limitation of talar shift through the Talusstrap
    • Optimised treatment of swelling since the orthosis offers space to accommodate it
    • Excellent grip around the ankle area thanks to VACO12 cushion
    • Slim design to allow it to be worn easily inside a shoe

    VACO12 Technology

    VACO12 technology is the core technology of the VACO Products (check our website for more details about our range

    A cushion filled with thousands of styrofoam pearls is surrounding the injured body parts. By the perfectly round shape of the pearls they can absorb 12 times the pressure each. When air is extracted from the cushion using a handheld air pump, the b cushion becomes hard (like a cast), just in a few seconds. By opening the valve and letting air flowing inside the cushion, it becomes soft again and can be re-adjusted to the body part. Hence the Vacuum Technology avoids pressure to the body site and provides stability due to a perfectly shaped orthosis at any time.


    • Acute ankle ligament injuries
    • After-care for fractures of the ankle joint
    • Prevention of ligament lesions on the ankle joint
    • Compensation of ankle joint instability
    $132.25 incl GST
  • Tennis Elbow Strap

    0 out of 5

    Helps relieve the pain caused by repetitive strain of the forearm, tennis or golf elbow.

    This strap prevents the forearm muscles from expanding to their maximum during contraction, thus relieving the tension on the tendon. A nylon support with slight elastic properties that fits immediately distal to the elbow joint. Tension is adjustable by a velcro strap.

    $26.45 incl GST
  • Plantar Fasciitis Sock With Silicone Heel Cup

    0 out of 5

    Multi zone compression support socks for relief of plantar fasciitis.

    Help relieve your plantar fasciitis symptoms such as heel and arch pain with the OAPL plantar fasciitis sock.

    With a built-in silicone heel cushion for impact protection, support and comfort, the sock’s multi zone compression helps relieve everyday swelling and discomfort.

    Ideal for wear during sporting and recreational activities, the sock can be worn with or without footwear and worn throughout the night.

    Sold individually.

    Machine washable (Under 40°C, do not tumble dry).

    $33.35 incl GST